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Why “the term ‘complex’ is almost too simple” in life … and commercial office leasing

I recently heard this phrase used to describe today’s society in general, and it dawned on me that it also strongly applies to the question of why tenants need to engage a tenant representation broker. 

Other topics we’ve written about describe the numerous complexities involved in new lease or lease renewal situations. For example, we’ve discussed how there are more than 25 financial components of a lease. We’ve shared ideas on how to maximize the advantage of timing in when to start negotiations. And we have touched on the complexities and different perspectives of ever-changing market conditions.

But what struck me about the phrase “the term ‘complex’ is almost too simple” is that we haven’t talked about coordinating all these pieces of the tenant representation process into a cohesive, successful strategy. That is where the real art, and challenge, of representing you comes into play. I submit that none of this is easy, which is why I think tenants need to be exclusively represented in the first place. 

At Wally & Co., we believe the real differentiator between us and our competition is our ability to create (and execute) a strategy combining all these complex, diverse pieces in a way that will ensure both for the tenant and the landlord succeed. This is best explained by another of my favorite phrases: “This isn’t cookie-cutter stuff.” No two deals are alike. Timing, market conditions, the mood about the economy and a long list of other things must be understood in order to create the right strategy.

Regardless of when your lease expires, let’s meet soon to get to know each other and discuss your real estate goals. Ultimately, I look forward to demonstrating why tenants matter at Wally & Co.

Chris Wally